Implementing efficient processes both internally & with customers & suppliers

Project Change & Change Management

We often realise that we need to make changes within our business as things don’t always run as smoothly as they should, but we don’t always know what the cause of the problem is or how best to solve it. Even if the answer is clear, we don’t always have the time to fix it.

Whether the required change is culture, process, structure, or operations, we can support you to ensure that the changes are managed and implemented for enduring results.

Bringing in an impartial Project Manager means a fresh pair of eyes and a chance to ask difficult questions to get right to the crux of the problem without all the baggage of organisational politics!

Let us help you to help your business.


In today’s business world we often encounter a meeting culture where we enter the room and wonder why we are there.

Meetings should be an effective use of everyone’s time; their purpose should be clear and they should be well managed to achieve their goal.

Having a facilitator to run your meetings or brainstorming sessions is a great way to ensure that you are getting the most out of the people in room and getting to that all important end goal.

Bean Solutions can help you run the meetings, offering a structured approach and a set of techniques to guide the group. Having an independent facilitator means that you can be free to contribute with ideas and thoughts rather than having to focus on running the show.