Cirkle is an independent, multi award-winning PR consultancy with an exceptional client portfolio including GSK, PepsiCo and Premier Foods.

Cirkle hosted an event for Premier Foods, where they launched their ‘Dysphagia Solutions Programme’. The programme is  to help care home caterers and specialist school caterers, cater for patients or students which suffer from dysphagia, which causes swallowing difficulties. Ensuring that people with dysphagia have nutritious, appetising and safe meals is essential, both in terms of maintaining an individual’s well-being and quality of life.

Bean Solutions chaired and facilitated the round table debate with industry leads on the topic of Dysphagia. Following intensive research into the topic, Bean Solutions scoped and planned the working session ensuring all key areas would be covered. On the day, the session was facilitated creating an open environment within which to debate, all participants contributed and all key points were captured.

“Jo successfully facilitated a dysphagia roundtable debate with an influential group individuals hosted by Premier Foods. The session was well researched, prepared and facilitated, delivering an insightful debate.”

Alexa Hopkins, Cirkle Account Director